A brand is like an individual. It has values, ambitions and character traits. Until the brand’s personality has been clearly defined, figuring out its identity and communication strategy will prove difficult. 
From juices to airlines, from pharmaceuticals to tires, I have been in the business of positioning French and international brands for twenty years. ​​​​​​​

I proceed in two steps

I interview the key players.

I visit the sites.

Workshop, factory, etc. if they provide more insight into the project and/or the company.

I review all available documentation

in order to seek out key information to build your strategy.
This investigative work helps me understand what is in place, what must be kept, what is missing and what must be reinvented.
The documentation pertains to the company/project, its history/legacy, its market, its competition (real or potential), its prospects for development (prospective).

Building on this analysis, I will define your positioning and brand platform by laying out :

Your mission

What is your role in this market?

Your vision

What is your ambition?

Your promise

What sets you apart?

The reasons to believe in this promise

Emotional and rational ones

Your personality

How you present yourself

Please note: 

the brand platform (the building blocks of the brand) should not be mistaken for the communication platform (how the brand communicates at a given moment), even if one draws from the other. 

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