A person or thing does not exist until it is named.
In the beginning was the word. I have been naming things since 1995.
I’ve named cars, perfumes, satellites, chewing gums, financial services, softwares, cocktail drinks… In my life as an onomaturge, I’ve had the honor and the pleasure to be involved in virtually all fields. 

Name creation is a matter of flair, but also of experience.
A good name must be memorable, but above all, it must tell a story.

So how does one create a name?

I won’t share my recipes with you. Some took me twenty years to figure out! But I will share with you the principles that govern my work.
Here are my ten commandments:

Create a briefing framework to free up the creative process.

Do not try to tell everything with a name.

Let your name tell a story. 

Put names in real life contexts.

Do not expect “love at first sight”.

Be very careful how you select the name.

Be mindful of a name’s internationality. 

Have the legal department attend the first name presentation.

Be serious about choosing a name.

Make the creation of the name a defining milestone.

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